Building Capacity for

Collaboration ~ Nonprofit Management ~ Community Impact


Data Analyst

Partners for Impact is seeking a freelance Data Analyst/Data Management Professional with experience in social research/nonprofits to join our network. As we work with nonprofits, coalitions, and collaboratives in building capacity for better data management and utilization, program evaluation, and quality improvement, we will contract within our network for large and small projects such as: building data tracking systems (simple databases or complex spreadsheets); consulting on existing or proposed data management systems (case management or outcome tracking software); creating data collection forms; analyzing data sets (survey or client data); creating charts and dashboards; and consulting on data gathering, utilization, and presentation.


Partners for Impact is seeking a freelance Writer/Editor to join our network who can support our work strengthening nonprofits, coalitions, and collaboratives. We will contract with this person to collaborate on formulating and reviewing grant applications and project proposals; materials for meetings, presentations, and trainings; formal project reports; and other written communications for Partners for Impact, LLC and our clients.

Designer/Marketing Professional

Partners for Impact is seeking freelance Designer/Marketing Professionals to join our network who can support our work strengthening nonprofits, coalitions, and collaboratives. Contract opportunities include consultation on marketing and communications related projects; designing and publishing reports, infographics, and other materials; website design; and resourcing projects that require video, photography, or other multimedia support.

Collaborative Consulting Partners

Partners for Impact is seeking collaborative partnerships with other nonprofit consultants with expertise in capacity building, program evaluation, and collective impact as well as topic area experts in public health, mental health, education, employment, etc. It is our desire to demonstrate healthy collaboration in our work with other consultants and in building a strong network of support for projects that call for diverse skills and innovative solutions. 

Our Network Partners

If you are interested in joining the Partners for Impact network, please contact Beth Bordeaux.