Our Process

Partners for Impact is a values-based company.

This means we lead with our values in mind and seek projects that fit that value base.

Our core values are:

Grounded in Human Services

We have deep nonprofit human services experience: working with victims of assault, young adults exiting foster care, persons experiencing homelessness, and other crisis situations. We understand the complex organizational systems that people in crisis navigate and value the cooperation and collaboration needed by the nonprofit, philanthropic, and government sectors to improve these systems.

Engaging at the Systems Level

Whether working with a single agency or across a large network of providers, our consultants bring systems-level thinking. Functioning at the micro and the macro levels, we help others recognize how all actions have broad effects across systems, entities and people. We encourage shifting mindsets to see also how systems impact individuals.

Using an Equity Lens

Two crucial elements emerge when using a lens of equity: the power dynamics within systems, and the importance of lived experience as expertise. Using the OpenSource racial equity framework has taught us to continually acknowledge structures and power relationships, analyze the cumulative impact of those relationships, and strategize structural interruptions and innovations.

Applying Frameworks

Frameworks help us organize thinking, data collection and analysis, and reporting. We frequently use the collective impact framework, social-ecological model, adaptive cycle, Simon Sinek’s golden circles starting with “Why,” equitable evaluation, and adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy.

Being Data Driven

A mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches provide a richer and more complete understanding of the impact of a specific intervention or approach. We believe that the stories of individuals who are most impacted by programs, services, and systems provide a deeper understanding and insight into experiences than quantitative data alone.

Being Nimble and Accountable

While specific deliverables submitted at the end of a project are important, we build interim deliverables and discussions about their findings into our plan to ensure that our work meets the needs of our customer. This process gives space for data to emerge and to guide the direction of the project.

Our Services

We Strengthen Networks

You’ve heard the key to success is, “Location, Location, Location,” but we challenge that with “Relationship, Relationship, Relationship!”
It’s not just who you know, it’s how and why you work together.

We Evaluate

We help you be clear about your impact. When working with us, you will learn how to create measures of success that tell the story of your results.

We Plan & Design

Have a great project idea, but planning it has you stumped? Let us help you bring your vision to life with the help of our experienced consultants.

We Engage Communities

 Our community engagement process uplifts voices, builds trust, and empowers change.

We Help with Professional & Team Development

Partners for Impact has a diverse pool of consultants and the ability to tailor content for a growing team, a new leader, or a community initiative. Training topics have included adaptive leadership, board governance, organizational assessment, program evaluation, and fundraising basics.