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    Rarely have I observed leaders with an ability to do both [great strategic vision and tremendous ability to achieve strategic plans] with the skill that Beth has demonstrated. ~ John Davis, PLM Families Together Board Vice President
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    I was continually impressed with the breadth of [Beth's] skills, her energy, and her mix of visioning and implementation abilities. ~ Colleen Vitek, PLM Families Together Board Treasurer
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    Beth is adept as an evaluator, organizational consultant, conflict manager and staff developer. I highly recommend her without any reservations. ~ Christopher Gambill, Ph.D., Center for Congregational Health Director
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    Beth puts energy and passion into everything she does. ~ Ellen Holliman, The Durham Center Area Director (now Alliance Behavioral Health)
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    Beth demonstrated exquisite facilitation skills to weave the diverse concerns and needs of various interest groups into a cohesive plan that had integrity. ~ Beth Melcher, Ph.D., The Durham Center Clinical Director (now Alliance Behavioral Health)
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    Beth displayed exemplary leadership for PLM Families Together. She is a strong fundraiser with honed public speaking skills. ~ Kathy Blum, PLM Families Together Board President
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    Beth has a rare skill of meshing data with heart, turning it into a valuable resource while teaching others to do the same. She listens intently and co-creates solutions with others in an empowering way. ~ Kylene Dibble, PLM Families Together Mentor Advocate
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    Beth brings an approach to partnership development and program impact that recognizes the central role of an organization's mission to successful collaboration. By allowing the program goals to drive decision-making in the collaborative space, the work that participating organization's do becomes the engine that moves partnership forward. ~ Daniel Sargent, Rebuilding Together of the Triangle Executive Director
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    Beth is a creative and caring leadership development consultant. She brings a positive attitude and sense of clarity to her work with individuals, churches, and organizations. ~ Ircel Harrison, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
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    Beth is THE one to have on your side in a debate. I am excited to hear of her transition to a consultant role, she has so much to offer organizations. ~ Nicole DeWitt, MSW, LCSWA, Director of Outreach, Policies & Analytics at Community Link
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    Beth is a strategic thinker to her core! She understands systems and how to move them toward health. Beth stays on top of the latest research trends and can help you apply what she knows. ~ Melissa Clodfelter, Ph.D. PCC, BCC, Wake Forest University Director of Professional Development

The following projects show examples of work led by Beth Bordeaux.

PLM Families Together
Executive Director for PLM Families Together (April 2010 - November 2014)

PLM Families Together is a nonprofit supporting families experiencing homelessness 2013-14 ANNUAL REPORT
Program Outcomes - Increased program outcomes by 82% from 44 families housed in 2008-09 to 81 families in 2013-14. Other outcomes obtained: 76% of families moved to stable housing within 60 days; 83% of families maintained independent housing beyond one year.
Financial Stability - Moved PLMFT from a net deficit in FY 2008 of ($36K) to a net asset of $450K FY 2012-13 including six months of operating reserve. Diversified funding from 61% government: 39% private in 2009-10 to 46% government: 54% private in 2013-14, increasing private revenues by 46%.
Organizational ChangeReorganized staffing structure and primary programs in response to external and internal opportunities and threats by transitioning two thirds of the Emergency Shelter program into Rapid Rehousing and increasing service capacity and outcomes. Re-stabilized after organizational change, increasing staff motivation, morale and program outcomes.
Capacity Building - Spearheaded multiple organizational capacity building initiatives including:
  • a five point organizational assessment
  • new fundraising strategies and planning
  • board and committee development
  • staff restructuring
  • risk assessment and response
  • policy development (financial management policies and bookkeeping desktop procedures, human resources employee manual, program guidelines, volunteer management and waivers)
  • operations and executive planning
  • new communications strategies and planning
  • program evaluation & continuous quality improvement
  • staff performance metrics and review processes including Management By Objectives plan
Collective Impact Project - Partnered with The Hope Center at Pullen, Wake Technical Community College and Wake County Human Services to create Fostering Youth Opportunities, a collaborative initiative supporting youth aging out of foster care.
GTM Evaluation & Planning, Inc.
President and Lead Consultant (January 2007 - April 2010)

Center for Congregational Health  - Congregational Consultant/Research & Design Specialist: consulted with churches related to clergy transitions, strategic planning, conflict assessment and response; co-trainer for Young Leaders clergy leadership workshop series; designed and evaluated congregational development training curriculums; researched best practices in congregational development. Customers and projects (Partial list due to confidentiality):
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Lenexa, KA
  • Global Women, Birmingham, AL
  • First Baptist Church, North Wilkesboro, NC
  • St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Raleigh, NC
  • The Center for Congregational Health, Winston-Salem, NC: 
  • Young Leaders Workshops, Interim Ministry Training, and Milemarker project
PLM Families Together - Board planning retreat design and facilitation; Chair of Executive Director search committee
Wake Teen -Organizational assessment
Physical Activity & Nutrition Branch of the NC Division of Public Health - Strategic planning
Auger Communications  - Co-Investigator & Evaluator for Teach With Stories Lay Educator Prenatal Outreach Program for Hispanics - a National Institutes of Health research study (SBIR grant) conducted in collaboration with University of North Carolina's Center for Maternal and Infant Health, involving an innovative media vehicle that targets Hispanic women.
NC Episcopal Diocese - Congregational Consultant: Consulted with churches in conflict or through clergy transition; facilitate vestry and diocesan committee planning retreats. Customers and projects (Partial list due to confidentiality):
  • Vestry Wardens Retreat
  • St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Durham, NC
  • NC Episcopal Diocesan Council Planning Retreat
  • Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Greensboro, NC
Martin Community College - Strategic Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Bordeaux Consulting, Inc.
President and Lead Consultant (April 1999 - December 2002)

Orange County Partnership for Young Children - Orange County Work/Life Business Study: assessed the family friendly business practices of Orange County businesses with 20 or more employees REPORT
Harnett County Partnership for Children - Family Support Program Planning: developed a service model for a family resource center in Harnett County
Orange County Partnership for Young Children - Children with Special Needs Collaborative: worked with a collaborative task force to assess the needs for early intervention services in Orange County
Person County Partnership for Children - Evaluation Services: provided evaluation plans and technical assistance for Smart Start funded activities
Wake County SmartStart - Service System Assessment for Children with Special Needs: worked with a collaborative task force to assess the needs for early intervention services in Wake County REPORT
Harnett County Partnership for Children - Evaluation Services: provided evaluation plans and technical assistance for Smart Start funded activities 
Bladen County Partnership for Children - Inclusion Assessment Project: worked with a collaborative task force to assess the needs for early intervention services in Bladen County
Lenoir/Greene Partnership for Children - Strategic planning
Person County Partnership for Children - Child Care & Hispanic Family Support Benchmark Studies: gathered survey baseline data for Person County Smart Start evaluation
Harnett County Partnership for Children- Outreach Project: designed & implemented countywide needs assessment focusing on families with young children REPORT
Harnett County Partnership for Children - Child Care Workforce Study: assessed the child care workforce needs in Harnett County 
Detailed Project Summaries