Partners for Impact worked with Alliance Medical Ministry in creating an updated strategic plan. The process started in 2021, shortly after COVID vaccines were made available. The organization wanted to place a greater emphasis on supporting many of the patients with their Social Determinants of Health. In addition, the State of North Carolina was poised to begin expanding Medicaid, which might result in a decline in their patient population. Partners for Impact reviewed their mission, vision and values with a strategic planning committee. The key focus of the process was building a theory of change that reflected the desired changes in patients. This enabled the organization to identify key strategies that would directly impact these changes and it set the stage for creating an organizational dashboard that enabled continuous monitoring. One of the most interesting aspects of this process was a staff contest. Teams of staff members were asked to creatively think of what they might do with an old sanctuary that is connected to their clinic. The staff teams generated a lot of ideas that were designed to improve the services provided by Alliance Medical Ministry.


Alliance Medical Ministry

Services Provided:

Planning and Design, Evaluation, Community Engagement

The Problem/Challenge:

Alliance Medical Ministry needed a new strategic plan as the environment for clinic services had been changing because of COVID, the impact of Social Determinants of Health on Alliance Medical Ministry’s patient population, and NC’s expansion of Medicaid.

Our Process:

We worked with the Alliance Medical Ministry leadership team to create a strategic plan that enabled the organization to be adaptive as the environment around them changed.

End Result:

A new strategic plan with a dashboard of organizational indicators to measure progress