HERE in Jackson County

Jackson County, NC, located in Western North Carolina is characterized by its mountains, rivers, and proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Jackson County, like so many communities, has challenges with homelessness. HERE in Jackson County (HERE) is a nonprofit whose mission is to end homelessness by providing temporary emergency shelter, housing case management services and rental assistance. HERE reached out to Partners for Impact because there was a desire to understand the nature of homelessness in Jackson County and build a set of recommendations for the community.
The team from Partners for Impact included Stan Holt, PhD, and Carson Dean. They reviewed and gathered data with the help of the staff at HERE. They held four focus groups, ten one-on-one interviews and hosted a community discussion at First United Methodist Church on June 2, 2022. The final product was this report to Jackson County. The report shares data that was collected, insights from and values of the community, and specific recommendations for Jackson County and the network of providers who can respond to those in the community experiencing homelessness.



HERE in Jackson County

Services Provided:

Planning and Design

The Problem/Challenge:

Jackson County is experiencing a rise in homelessness. The community is considering whether they should build a year round emergency shelter. 

Our Process:

Partners for Impact reviewed service data, conducted interviews and focus groups of key stakeholders, and hosted a community discussion/listening session that prioritized best practices.   

End Result:

A completed report with data about homelessness, best practices that fit the communities values, and recommendations for moving forward.