Prevent Blindness North Carolina engaged Partners for Impact to conduct a benchmarking study to help determine what a formal fund development program could look like for their organization. PBNC currently relies heavily on government grants and contracts and wanted to diversify their fundraising to reduce vulnerability to changing priorities. Partners for Impact identified 5 comparable organizations of similar size, geography and service delivery to participate in a survey. The survey collected qualitative data on various aspects of fundraising including staffing, board involvement, strategies employed, tools and technology used, marketing approaches and measures of success. Partners for Impact compiled and analyzed the survey data, identifying major themes and specific practices. These were compared to nonprofit industry best practices on fundraising. The results provide PBNC with insights from peer organizations on developing and sustaining fundraising programs and illustrate alignment with known effective practices. This positions PBNC to make informed decisions as they create a formal fund development program to support their work.


Prevent Blindness NC

Services Provided:

Fund Development assessment and recommendations based on comparable organizational data

The Problem/Challenge:

Prevent Blindness NC relies heavily on government support for their services. They were interested in understanding how comparable organizations are building and executing a fund development program. 

Our Process:

Data collection, analysis and reporting with recommendations. 

End Result:

Benchmarking Study for Prevent Blindness NC