Resources For Resilience is one of the partners participating with the Lucy Daniels Center in the evaluation of the Circle of Security Parenting Program. Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) is an 8-week-long, research-based program that supports secure attachment in young children. The program optimizes the reflective capacities and emotional responsiveness of a child’s parents and caregivers. COSP works equally well for increasing childcare providers’ awareness of attachment and is used in classroom settings to foster stronger teacher-child relationships. Partners for Impact partnered with Resources for Resilience in a targeted evaluation of the use of COSP by Buncombe County Social Work Services. The year-one report combined participant survey data along with focus group data from Child Welfare social workers. Partners for Impact added a focus group of providers at Meridian Behavioral Health Services who are using COSP for the first time. Our consultants provided an analysis and report for each group, including recommendations for strengthening support for social workers serving vulnerable children in mental health and child welfare.