Building Capacity for

Collaboration ~ Nonprofit Management ~ Community Impact

Building Capacity to Support and Align Collaborative Partnerships
We help you create IMPACT through strengthening the effectiveness of your organization, collaborative, or coalition. We PARTNER with you to gain maximum impact through system-level thinking, targeted planning, data utilization, innovative programming, intentional communications, and skilled facilitation.

All of our work begins where you are with an understanding that you know your system or organization best and you are the expert in the specific type of services you provide. From this position, we work with you to build capacity through

Developing and deepening your partnerships
Developing resources for your partnerships
Generating community-level solutions to the complex problems that you are trying to address
Creating cultures of organizational and system-level learning and evaluation
Bringing awareness and addressing the need for equity across the system

Concretely, this work can take various forms that include partnering across system levels - with funders, organizational leadership, community leaders, and direct service workers. Collectively, Beth and Stan have close to 60 years of experience in assessing organizational or system capacity; creating organizational, collaborative, or program designs; facilitating group process and decision making; planning strategies around money and resources; identifying and using metrics to evaluate, measure progress, and inform decisions; and in building partnerships for community level change.