Building Capacity for

Collaboration ~ Nonprofit Management ~ Community Impact


The scope of work for each project is uniquely designed around the needs of the client(s) through clarifying conversations and a proposal process. Here are some examples of the services we offer. For more information or if you don't see what you are looking for email Beth for a free consultation.

  • Organizational or Service System Assessment
  • Workflow and Process Mapping
  • Use of Metrics, Quality Improvement, and Outcome Tracking
  • Organizational, Collaborative or Project Design and Support
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • Group Facilitation
  • Training
  • Specialty Area: Cross-Agency Collaboration
  • Specialty Area: Homeless Services
Organizational or Service System Assessment
Before strategic planning, capacity building, or program development, it is important to gather and analyze information to assess the current environment and provide context for decision making. Services in this area may include:

Environmental scan
Consumer or stakeholder feedback (surveys/discussion groups/interviews)
Needs assessment
Research into best practices
Collective analysis and structured discussion of data and feedback

Workflow and Process Mapping
Workflow and process mapping are critical components in the early design of a program or collaborative initiative. It can also be used to improve efficiencies, identify gaps or find new opportunities for collaboration in existing initiatives. Services include gathering information (observations, interviews, and structured group discussions) and providing visualization tools to show complex processes within an organization or across organizations and sectors. 

Use of Metrics, Quality Improvement, and Outcome Tracking
Nonprofits are finding an increasing need for the use of data driven practices. We can help by providing structure and tools for:

Program evaluation and outcome tracking
Data presentation (dashboards, reports)
Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
Data utilization for program planning, grant writing, fund raising, etc.

Organizational, Collaborative, or Project Design and Support
The design of an initiative provides the foundation for:

Role clarification
Policies and procedures
Communication (information sharing and feedback)
Management of resources
Accountability to expectations

Design should reflect the shared vision and values of the organization(s) as well as best practices for services offered and populations served. Services in this area may include assistance in developing the initial structure and design for a new project or assessing and strengthening an existing project design to improve efficiency, effectiveness, team functioning, and the overall health of a partnership.  

Visioning and Strategic Planning
Visioning and planning are important practices for coalitions and collaborative initiatives as well organizations. Our strategic planning process includes:

Organizational and service system assessment
Structured processes for interpreting assessment information
Clarification or affirmation of shared vision
Clarification or affirmation of mission
Identification of critical areas of focus
Creation of high level goals
Break down of each goal into measurable, realistic, time specific strategies
Creation of an operational plan directly linking goals and strategies to program and staff performance objectives
Identification of a process for continuous measurement, review and accountability

Group Facilitation
The purpose of group facilitation is to lead a group of people through a process of collective decision making. We help move groups through the phases of group process by using various structured methods to guide them in:

Idea generation
Organizing information
Conflict resolution
Decision making

The purpose of training is to assist a group in gaining new knowledge and learning how to apply that knowledge. Many projects begin with a preliminary training or process overview. In addition, we can support targeted training projects related to our areas of expertise or through use of content materials provided by the client. Our training methods typically follow a three step pattern:
1. Explain
2. Demonstrate
3. Practice.

Special Area of Expertise: Collaboration & Collective Impact
Beth Bordeaux, Principal Consultant has been a lead partner through the planning and development of multiple collaborative efforts including a successful collective impact model in the North Carolina Triangle area for youth aging out of foster care. This initiative is continuing to grow and expand across the region and has been held as an example of collaboration by United Way of the Greater Triangle and other funders. Beth can provide capacity building support for collaborative initiatives including:

Supporting the backbone organizational roles
Developing and intentionally keeping focus on the shared vision 
Role definition and coordination of activities
Documentation and reporting of shared metrics and accountability
Sustaining multi-leveled communications

Special Area of Expertise: Homeless Service Program Design and Set Up
As a prior Executive Director for a homeless service provider offering best practice emergency shelter in apartment settings and rapid rehousing for families, Beth Bordeaux, Partners for Impact's Principal Consultant, can offer targeted support in programs addressing family homelessness and establishing Rapid Rehousing projects.