We Partner

to Build Capacity for
Community Change

Existing systems do not provide all people with the same opportunities. Reimagining and engaging the systems and organizations that make people vulnerable can create more equitable opportunities, solve social problems, and strengthen the health and well-being of the whole.

Successful systems change can’t be done alone.

Who We are

Our team members have diverse identities and a wide range of lived experiences.

What We DO

Our consultative approach and services are informed by our values and experience in strategic planning, organizational development, evaluation, trust building, integrating voices, and building accountability.

What Drives Us

As a firm, we are committed to bringing to all of our work an intention to increase racial equity and disrupt systems that prevent equitable access to resources and opportunities.

Why We're Different

As a team, we commit to cultivating our curiosity and commitment to identifying inequity and its sources. We interrogate “best practices” by asking: For whom were these best practices created and who has decided they are best?