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Rural Affordable Housing

After completing an outreach project across 39 rural counties in central and eastern NC, Partners for Impact compiled our learnings along with input from additional focus groups to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities for rural communities needing affordable housing.

Toolkit for Addressing Young Child Homelessness

The Toolkit for Addressing Young Child Homelessness provides guidance for emergency shelters and interim housing programs to evaluate and improve their services for young children ages 0-5 and their families. It accompanies the Early Childhood Self Assessment Tool for Shelters (ECSAT), which helps agencies assess their current policies, environment, and programming. For more information on how to access technical support implementing the Early Childhood Self-Assessment Tool for Shelters, developing an action plan and strengthening service integration across homeless and early childhood services within your community, please contact us.

Systems Map of Philanthropy

Steps to Building Community Based Philanthropy

After five years of evaluating the community-based Kaleidoscope Project, Partners for Impact has identified 10 steps to help communities build philanthropic processes that are truly based in community voice

Building Homeless Services System Community Capacity

These worksheets helps communities examine your homeless service system and identify opportunities to leverage your impact.

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