Meet Beth Bordeaux, MSW

Beth cares about organizations– their systems, metrics, budgets, and processes– because ultimately, she cares about people. She knows that in order to provide the support community members need to live and thrive, human service systems must be strong from the inside out– and she knows how to make this happen. Beth is an executive leader with over 30 years of nonprofit and local government experience. Her work history across various levels of organizations and service systems includes:​

  • Volunteer
  • Executive Director
  • Social Worker
  • Advocate
  • Program Director
  • Coalition Builder
  • Evalulator
  • Consultant
  • Funder
  • Coach
  • Community Developer
  • Board Member

She has worked in programs supporting individuals and families with many types of needs, including mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, housing, childcare and child care quality, early intervention, maternity care, domestic violence, faith support, education, and basic needs such as food and shelter.