Meet Ivania Gutierrez

Ivania Gutierrez is a multi-lingual Public Administrator with 9 years’ experience in quality assurance, performance management, and project management in Chile, Sweden and the US. She has proven success in process improvement, project coordination, and ISO 9001 certification, along with a strong ability to define and monitor key performance indicators, report project performance via multiple tools (e.g., balanced scorecard), and audit main processes. She worked for 5 years for the Chilean government, defining and measuring strategic educational objectives for 14 regions. She also worked for Vasteras, a town in Sweden, managing a project for the European Union to integrate Somalian children into the Swedish educational system. She is a highly organized manager with multi-tasking capabilities, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work effectively with a culturally diverse workforce and client base. She is a native Spanish speaker with fluency in English and Swedish. Ivania’s expertise includes,  project management, strategy, evaluation and organizational analysis.  

  • Passionate about the Beauty of Human Relationships
  • Multidimensional Analysis
  • Creating Better Understanding
  • Equipping Organizations and Individuals to Create Equity