Partners for Impact provided facilitation for a cohort of grantees to build a Community of Practice for vaccination programs to support pediatricians in increasing vaccination rates of HPV and influenza vaccines.  


American Academy of Pediatrics

Services Provided:

Strengthening Networks

The Problem/Challenge:

 The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) HPV and Pediatric Influenza Immunization Initiative aims to support grantees focused on vaccination in rural and under-resourced areas that engage key traditional and non-traditional partners. Each grantee has developed a plan to reach rural and underserved populations with community-specific strategies to increase immunization rates for HPV and/or pediatric influenza in early 2023. AAP wanted to create a Community of Practice for all of these grantees. 

Our Process:

Working with the staff of the AAP the facilitation team from Partners for Impact designed three virtual sessions over a six month period that engaged grantees in building a Community of Practice. The initial meeting focused on grantees from across the country getting to know each other, sharing their experiences as they implemented these projects, and creating an agenda for the subsequent meetings. The second meeting focused on how grantees are supporting pediatricians as they deal with vaccine fatigue. The final meeting documented emerging practices for the AAP to use in future grantmaking processes.