Chatham Kids Matter

The Chatham County Partnership for Children (CCPC), the Smart Start agency in Chatham County, contracted with Partners for Impact to implement the Chatham Kids Matter project. This is a community engagement process leading to a supply and demand study along with the development of a new Early Childhood Action Plan. CCPC promotes opportunities for young children in Chatham County to grow up safe, healthy, and able to succeed. In collaboration with their community partners, they plan, fund, and implement quality care and education, health, and family support initiatives.

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New Assessment Puts Childcare Front and Center

Partners led the Chatham Kids Matter Assessment for Impact in collaboration with Community Voice Consulting. See the  Chatham Kids Matter Early Childhood Needs Assessment Report and the  Community Documentary Film

This project was also supported by Hilary Pollan Facilitation, Renee Paschel Consulting, the staff of the Chatham County Partnership for Children, and over 450 community members, service providers, parents, and child care providers.

My experience working with Partners for Impact and Community Voice Consulting has been very positive. I am especially impressed with how well these two engagement specialist firms have worked together on behalf of our community; Beth Bordeaux and Gabriel Cummings are an amazing team. I especially appreciate how they listened to us, let us know we were really heard, and then learned together with us; they did not just come in and do unto us; they worked together with us, authentically!

Genevieve Megginson

Executive Director , Chatham County Partnership for Children