HOST is a new organization and has built a strong reputation at North Carolina State University as providing housing assistance to students who find themselves homeless. Through a creative model that recruits hosts who have a spare room or space for a student, HOST staff match host homes with students.  The host provides a temporary, safe place to live while the student figures out how to manage their long-term housing needs while still in school. Partners for Impact is helping them prioritize the infrastructure needs to keep pace with organizational growth.


Housing Opportunities for Students Today

Services Provided:

Assessing and Developing Strategy

The Problem/Challenge:

HOST has been serving students experiencing homelessness for two years. The organization is growing and finds themselves in need of greater infrastructure to ensure services continue to grow.

Our Process:

Partners for Impact is working with the Board of Directors and two part-time staff members to define the organization’s values. In addition, Partners for Impact will be completing an organizational assessment that helps HOST identify strategic priorities that serve as the next steps for the organization. 

End Result:

A strategic plan that includes a revised mission, values, a theory of change, prioritized strategies and a dashboard of organizational metrics for the organization to measure success. 

Continued Success:

Partners for Impact is encouraging the organization to not grow in terms of the number of people being served and the number of services they provide until they have the organizational capacity to support that growth.

Key Staff:

Mary Haskett, HOST Board Chair