In January 2023, Partners for Impact began work with Public Sector Consultants in Michigan to support family shelters in strengthening services for young children experiencing homelessness and child care centers in strengthening services for these same children and their families. Building on our work with Child Care Services Association through the Preschool Development Grant, we utilized the Early Childhood Self Assessment Tool for family shelters, providing technical assistance with staff from four shelters as they assessed their environments and practices and built improvement plans. Similarly, we supported the work of two child care centers in utilizing the Self Assessment Tool for Early Childhood Programs Serving Families Experiencing Homelessness


Public Sector Consultants is a woman-owned small business consulting firm with a mission to improve the quality of life for residents of Michigan and beyond through the development and implementation of innovative, actionable public policies. They received the Preschool Development Grant for Michigan which included a strategic plan to address early childhood homelessness in addition to this work with shelters and early childhood programs to strengthen services for children experiencing homelessness.