Stan Holt, PhD

With over 30 years in nonprofit development, executive leadership and grantmaking, Stan is an accomplished nonprofit professional who believes in the power of the collective. When Stan works with a group, he builds a space where each individual’s authentic voice contributes to the emerging group voice within the group process. Stan brings a set of skills that transcends issues. He works with arts, environmental, health and human services, and educational organizations, drawing out the common elements for building community change:

  • Constant Inquiry
  • Creating Space to Share Experiences as a Basis for Problem Solving
  • Synthesizing Diverse Perspectives
  • Building Capacity for Group Learning
  • Helping Leaders Define Common Goals
  • Moving Conversations Beyond Personal Positions
  • Mapping Systems

As structures and plans emerge, the efficient use of human, intellectual, and financial resources become an essential part of creating momentum for community impact.