Northeast Community Coalition: Building Community Capacity to Improve the Social-Emotional Well-Being of Middle-Schoolers


Kaleidoscope Project

Services Provided:

Evaluate and Design/Planning

The Problem/Challenge:

The Northeast Community Coalition joined the network of Kaleidoscope Project organizations to address the socio-emotional needs of children in their community. The Northeast Community is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina The community has a rich history having been built by Freedmen immediately after the Civil War. The NECC resident leaders identified the growing mental health needs of middle schoolers as their priority, but they did not immediately have a space. 

Our Process:

Attending Resident Leader bimonthly meetings, interviewing Resident Leaders, and Kaleidoscope Project staff, and

End Result:

A formative evaluation of the first year of activities of NECC

Continued Success:

NECC found a space in the community at Faith Tabernacle UHC and the Kaleidoscope Project is adding them to the network to continue to build a space for middle schoolers in the community and provide diverse programming.